Adding Water to Scrambled Eggs

I love scrambled eggs especially when I am camping not only for breakfast but anytime during the day and have acquired a taste for them after learning the secret to a simple recipe given to me by a little old lady from Killarney, Ireland who taught me that less and simple were the best ingredients along with a few secret weapons, Water! How do you add water to Scrambled Eggs?

Eggs and Water mix:

  • Wisk to mix 1/8 cup of water or 6 teaspoons H2O added per/egg that is needed to steam the scrambled eggs as you cook them
  • Use the same mixture when adding milk
  • Remember to cook over medium heat so water doesn’t evaporate

If you ever wondered why some scrambled eggs taste better than others? there is a secret ingredient in the recipe that chefs will tell you are always critical to cooking them and it’s not milk.


How Much Water to Add to Eggs


The added water essentially steams the eggs as they cook in the pan this results in a much fluffier scramble.  That means you won’t have to worry about tough, rubbery scrambled eggs ready to eat. Keep your eggs over medium heat.

This ensures that the water won’t evaporate away all at once. Once again, in order for this to work, the water has to actually steam the eggs. You might be tempted to swap the water for milk, but unfortunately, this won’t give you the same results.

Small amounts of milk that contain fat will give you a firmer texture, so if you want your eggs to be as fluffy as possible then using plain water will give you the desired results. Other tricks are adding butter to the pan to keep the eggs from sticking, whisking them well before cooking them to help with fluffiness, and turning the heat off when they’re almost done.


Scrambled Eggs Recipe


Perfect Scrambled Eggs uses only a small amount of water and milk in the recipe. You need to, and this is important to whisk to mix the ingredients every time you add one to make sure that they are mixed properly. This keeps the eggs fluffy and airy.

Try my Scrambled Egg Recipe:


  • Crack 3 eggs into a bowl
  • Whisk in 1/8 cup of water per egg
  • Whisk 1/8 cup of milk per egg
  • Add Salt-Black Pepper
  • Add Celery Seed Seasoning
  • Warm your pan on medium-low heat, & grease the pan with butter
  • Use a Rubber spatula to cook low & slow.
  • Remove pan from heat/fire when nearly done
  • Let sit to finish cooking

The scrambled eggs will be slightly less bright than you usually get when you add milk but the flavor and texture are outstanding. You may want to experiment some and make a few changes to my recipe but the secret here is how much water you use to mix the eggs before you cook them.



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