How To Use Water to Manifest Money

We all know how powerful water is. Water is energy. Water is life. Water is Biblical that’s true. According to most people and Genesis 1:9 -13, God created Water on Earth on the 3rd day of Creation.  Water is mystical, it’s magical, Water can move mountains.  H2O can be used in the Law of Attraction to gain love, power, and money. How do you use water to manifest money?

Clasp a Glass of H2O with Both Hands
Look in the H2O & Repeat an affirmation daily.
Visualize a successful Result
Drink & thank the H2O

Another: Quantum Jumping
Using 2 cups
1 labeled present desire (full)
1 labeled Future Desire (Empty)
Pour the Full Cup into the Empty Cup while repeating an Affirmation

We all have a special relationship with water. Water has a special relationship with everything and everyone. With an Affirmation and a medium like Water, you can acquire anything you desire.

Does Water Have Intelligence

This molecule has the strange shape of a tetrahedron,  and it’s also a three-dimensional figure.  It’s the most studied compound in the whole universe. The most mysterious and complex nature of water is how it reacts with other molecules. It performs many functions and is considered the medium that connects all life here on earth.

A molecule is the smallest particle in a chemical element or compound but also a molecule can be compared to or corresponds to the workings of a galaxy. Moses parted the sea and Noah built the arc to ride out the flood that God created to punish the wickedness that had engulfed the earth but spared him because of his righteousness. I’m not making light of religion, my point is there is a connection between water, faith, prayer, and unexplained phenomena.

The water at Lourdes has been chemically examined many times over with the same conclusion, none. Remember that saying, you always heard when someone or something was crazy and there was no explanation people would say “There must be something in the water” well there’s probably not. It is just Water.

Water is the common thread in all living things. Without we would die in days or even cease to exist. It’s necessary for cells in plants, animals, and us to work.
​It grows our food and washes away fever.

It is the Principle of All Things. But it’s still a mystery. The dual formula of faith and water seems to be the necessary elements to perform this Manifestation process that we have been hearing about for thousands of years. Maybe it’s not that hard to believe after all.

The Hopi Tribe of Arizona USA 

 The Japanese have joined the belief of the Hopi Tribe from Arizona. The Hopi Tribe is an indigenous people that believe that the waters on earth are alive. Representatives from The American Indian tribe have traveled to Japan and met with Shinto priests along with Dr. Emotu the researcher of Water Memory and Consciousness.

According to The Hopi people Long ago there was nothing on earth but water from the beginning of time, this was what they called “The First Land of Hopi” In the First World there was harmony and peace. This balance was destroyed by man’s greed.

The waters–aquifers, springs, lakes, rivers, oceans, and glaciers– work in harmony to sustain life. Hopi believe the aquifers breathe, breathe in rain and snow and breathe it out. The springs are the breathing holes. Humankind is a participant in water-life; mankind’s thoughts influence whether the rain and snow come. The Tetrahedron is the Molecular structure of water

Some scientist believes that water has memory and intelligence and can even change the elements and mechanisms that dictate human life and experience. The belief is that water for unknown reasons can accept outside information and keep it in memory.

It is able to store this information and anything that comes in contact with water leaves some kind of mark on it. Water molecules can act as memory cells that can record data from the whole history of the outside world.

Water Intelligence and Memory is not without its skeptics. The CSI Magazine which stands for the Centre for Scientific Memory has written articles on the subject of water and its powers that Dr. Emoto has experimented with.

They consider Water Intelligence and Memory, Homeopathy nonsense, and superstition diluted beyond all reason and given as a remedy to the grossly misinformed or scientifically illiterate. They compare ritual and witchcraft with apologies to the witches.

Skeptics may argue that these formations are nothing more than a fluke, and it is to be expected that there be variation between crystal formations. After all, every school child could attest to this fact, for it is common knowledge that no two snowflakes are alike.

What’s more, there isn’t any hard scientific evidence supporting the experiment of writing words on test tubes, to affect the formation of water crystals. As for the rice experiment, there are a variety of excuses for why the results were as they were, ranging from possible residue material inside the jars to environmental differences (temperature, etc.).

Modern defenders try and explain and justify it with a scientific explanation. Especially the case of water’s memory of dilution whereas water can remember the chemical properties of antibodies and substances that are diluted in it. This experiment was made famous and first raised by French homeopath Jacques Benveniste in 1988. His methods were completely discredited.

Materials scientist Rustum Roy, who was fascinated with spiritual healing, built upon Benveniste’s discredited research, claiming that water molecules are like bricks in that they can be used together to build structures that contain greater complex structures.

These structures contained encoded information of chemical properties that were diluted by them.

Specifically, water molecules can encode in their structure the chemical properties of what was diluted in them. These experiments continue on in the world of science and research to try and prove this amazing conclusion. The possibilities are endless.

It was Masaru Emoto a Biochemist at Berkeley California studying the shapes of frozen water crystals that discovered that the quality of water affected the shape of the water crystal. Water taken from the tap that was treated with chlorine or was polluted failed to form a crystal at all.

Whenever good quality drinking water was used in the experiment, beautiful vibrant crystals were created and observed under his microscope each one as we know is different from the other. Some of the most pristine and most spectacular were from a water source in Japan called Sanbu-itchi a spring southwest of Tokyo and a water collection

sample was taken from the fountain at the Shrine of Lourdes in France. This is about the time that Emoto discovered that water is sensitive to sound causing it to crystallize into specific patterns that are dependent on the nature of the sound and the thought behind it.

He went on to record the word HADO to describe the mysterious nature of water to record remember and transmit information imparted to it. As Dr. Emoto explains on the official HADO website, the above definition essentially means that everything emits an attitude or aura, and this affects the things around it.

What’s more, external stimuli can affect the vibration of certain entities, and thereby change the mood of those entities. Examples of such stimuli are music or spoken or written words.  He described Wave and Motion theory which are part of Scientific Law that all material forms, vibrate and move included water. It is everywhere and in all places creatures and things. It was another word for Chi, a vital force and a universal life energy.

He would conclude that “changing the vibration of the energy changes the substance of things” not just in water but in all substances. Water was the most important element found on earth. Not all of Science agree with some of his findings.

Less than 20 years later after Emoto’s studies, there are a host of health products that claim to alter the structure of water in order to help maintain youth and vigor for the consumer who uses them. “If you build it they will come” represents the ultimate example of the power of positive thought and the key to how to open up your subconscious mind and make it work for you. If you accept a negative result, you’ll get one. If you refuse to accept a negative result then you will be able to change the outcome of one.

Water is used as the connecting medium for transmitting information and energy inside us. We drink water every day and our human body is comprised of 70 percent water. The complex properties of water allow it to reach every cell and subatomic particle to deliver, transmit and influence the information we require to deliver. So a positive message is key to this manifestation, a positive mental attitude is absolutely needed for this whole thing to work.

Does Water Have Memory and Consciousness

The theory maintains that the average person has about 65,000 thoughts in one day and 90-95% of those thoughts are negative unconscious thoughts. Water is a big part of daily human life is receiving these negative, fearful, and anxiety-filled thoughts as messages while you drink it. The person broadcast the negativity like a radio broadcast radio waves.

Your body and mind are affected along with your reality. If you visualize having an abundance of positive things or events then your life can be changed. If you have heard of any stories about people using the Laws of Attraction to gain money, success, love, or desire, this is what they talking about.

Most people want money. You will always hear stories about what people would do if they hit the lottery and visualized having enough money every day to make their dreams come true. According to some, seeing the money in your mind will start to program your subconscious to make the dream a reality.

You have to believe that you will be rich or you will be successful in order to bring the desire to fruition. This theory uses the power of water, positivity with gratitude to be able to obtain abundance, no matter how much or how soon.

“If you build it they will come” kind of attitude. Let’s get to it.

The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract something in our life that we need or desire. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality, or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe, including the Law of Attraction.

In the Law of Attraction, the power of the mind translates whatever is in our thoughts and materializes them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will stay under that dark cloud.

If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with thought process and positivity. The Law of Attraction is the process that is used in these techniques.

Jake Ducey is someone that has been involved with this concept for a while and as you can tell from the video is totally believable as a teacher and proponent of the techniques. I saw him once and I was practicing what he was preaching that night.

There are many people that are jumping on this bandwagon that I am amazed to get any attention or credibility on this subject. If you watch and listen to Jake, you know he truly believes in this. He made a believer out of me, well he made me believe enough to try it and I’m a pretty skeptical kind of person.

The reasoning behind this method is that while you’re holding and drinking water, you think and transmit positive thoughts and messages of gratitude for things in your life that you desire in abundance or need more of.

Focus on abundance of money, love, or success and those things come to you. Repeat an affirmation that you are grateful and appreciate that the flow of water is already providing you with this abundance is a positive thought.

An example would be: I appreciate and am grateful that this flow of water is increased the flow of (money, love, or whatever desire) in my life. You are signaling to the water which is 70% of your life, that the flow of abundance of money or success is equal to the flow of this Abundance Affirmation. (An Affirmation is an assertion that something exists or is true)

Your thoughts will affect and influence the way the water crystallizes in you, based on the scientific experiments of Dr. Emoto, and thus will impact you in this positive way.

Every time you drink from that glass you use the same positive message of abundance, the simple and fastest manifestation technique. which in turn infuses the water with energy creating “The Laws Of Attraction” that will impact you inside and out.

The Law of Attraction states that you don’t get what you want you- get what you are. You appreciate and visualize what you are receiving. This abundance happens through the flow of water as you drink the water.

You can use different abundance affirmations while drinking water, using the same procedure of repeating affirmations that include gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness for the abundance that will charge the water and in turn manifest all kinds of things you need and desire for a better life.

Most Effective Manifestation Technique

 Technique #1

The technique requires you to hold a glass of water in your hands

  • With both clasp the glass of water spreading your fingers and thumbs and try to keep them separate so they don’t touch each other.
  • Look into the water and repeat an affirmation.
  • State the affirmation and visualize the end result. Do this for 15 minutes in the morning or before bedtime. There is an open window at these times where your subconscious is at higher levels. You can do it every time you drink a glass of water.
  • Focus on the thought of a successful manifestation. You live in a mansion or you going to the great job that you always wanted. It’s happening now and I am so thankful for the blessing.
  • Drink from the glass of water and state this, I am thankful and grateful that this water has given me an abundance (whatever your affirmation is). The positive affirmations are transmitted by you to charge the medium which is water. That makes the necessary changes on a molecular level. We are being programmed on a cellular level by the positive words spoken to the water and then drinking it. As Dr. Emota said, It’s because of water’s ability to determine the nature of sound and the thoughts behind it.

He even suggests you write the words for your affirmation down and tape them facing the water so the water can read the same words you are repeating giving even higher results. Use short direct words that are easily repeated over and over again. Visualize yourself with the positive results you’re asking for. The new house you sitting in or the money you need, you’re holding it in your hand.

If you focus hard enough on what you want or need in your life, you can create a mental image of that problem or need and what it means to you. Once this happens you can see it and feel it and are emotionally affected by it, and that’s where you need to be.

Two Cup Water Manifestation

Technique #2

  • Another method is to use two cups one filled with water and one that is empty.
  • Write on one cup the present of an unfulfilled desire (the filled cup) and on the other cup is the wish for future desire (the empty cup) An example would be in the present I have 100 dollars in the bank and my hope is to have a million dollars in the bank. Speak to the water in a soft humbling voice of thankfulness.
  • Take the filled cup that represents the present and pour it into the empty cup that represents the future desire.
    State your intention “it is my intention to have one million dollars in my bank account” and drink it down, all of it. This manifestation method has been around for many years and has another name called Quantum Jumping. It is the same concept as belief and prayer and putting yourself on a different plane that has been used for thousands of years.

Does Water Have Memory and Consciousness

Affirmations Used in Water Manifestation for Money

Affirmations and how you use them are an important part of this process. They should be easy for you to remember and flow from your tongue(excuse the pun) easy almost like a song.  “Oh Aunty Em There’s no place like home There’s no place like home” 

You remember that affirmation don’t you. The good queen even gave Dorothy a physical part to perform during her affirmation. She tapped her heels together and repeated the words There’s no place like home…

Well, it worked for Dorothy. From what I get out of all this the power of positive thinking is part of this formula along with a mantra that is repeated and added with a small physical thing you do while you are practicing the Water Manifestation technique regardless of which one you choose.

A positive affirmation uses positive words to initiate this process by sending a message to the water that you are consuming which then translates your thoughts and desires to your body on a molecular level.

When the wish is translated it is in the present tense. The person making the wish is thanking the water for providing the desire they are wishing for like “Thank you for providing this large amount of money to me. I am so thankful for this large amount of money that I am receiving through the flow of this water”.

The Affirmation is in the first person and presents tense. It is practiced like this every day to create a successful law of Attraction. The Laws of Attraction have all worked in much the same way. Using water or even salt was common thousands of years ago.

Water is truly a mystical substance that shows up as early as Genesis in the Bible when God creates the earth. A simple substance but without it, nothing exist.

When all vibrations go well at your cellular and subatomic particle level, your body as a composite, works perfectly. If a disturbance occurs in vibration, a discord is created Translated to physical terms, sickness can happen as a result of disharmony in your energy vibrations.

If you know music therapy, you can incorporate healing by playing beautiful classical pieces of music to the water. Do this affirmation every time you drink a glass of water. Repeat the positive words that you created specifically for the water that you are consuming.

For health affirmations that you need to make, visualize water coming from a beautiful undiscovered mountain spring clean and pure. This all is meant to create a super positive healthy experience that can improve Chi and the universal life force.

For thousands of years, the ancient powerful manifestation technique is using the power of intention with the power of water molecules to align the positive thoughts in order to transmit positive life experiences. The belief that water has memory water has consciousness.

Emotions and intention have a direct effect on water. You can change your reality from negative to positive by using the power of Water. I will be trying this 2 x a day once in the morning and once at night. I will let you know what happens.

JimGalloway Author/Editor

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