Waterproof Shower Speakers

If you are as old as me, then you would have seen the technology change 100 times. Each time more incredible than the last. A few things that I learned about new technology is that it makes life easier and more fun. Some of the Best  Waterproof Bluetube Shower Speakers with that amazing sound, that you can be used indoors and outdoors, in the backyard pool, fishing on the ocean or cycling in the park now can be bought for under a 100 bucks.

If you’re like me and have been singing in the shower since the Top 40 Hit List was played on an AM/FM radio, Then your probably fascinated with these things. Remember how many times you tried to plug in radio just before you took a shower and almost killed yourself. But we won’t get into that. The new Waterproof Speakers have all kinds of great things going for them.

The new types of engineering material they are built from that make them durable and keep them out of the elements are just incredible. Powered from AAA batteries and driven by 5 or 10 watts of High Definition sparkling sound quality that is exceptional. With built-in microphones, so you can talk on the telephone while you are listening to music while you’re taking a shower without using your hands.

The added superior construction allows you to throw the speaker into the pool and listen to your favorite tunes while you the Speaker and the kids float around your backyard pool on a sunny afternoon. We’ve come along way Baby!

The best part is that you can buy the best Bluetooth waterproof Speaker for the under 100 dollars and it’s about all you will need. Some come with digital display and are multifunctional as alarm clocks or timers. How about a Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head like the Kohler’s K-9245-CP: Polished Chrome Features: Single-function showerhead. Sync your device enabled with Bluetooth technology with the wireless speaker from up to 32 feet away.


The speaker plays wirelessly in or out of the shower, use it in the kitchen or take it to the beach. Docking securely into place, the magnetic speaker pops in and out of the showerhead for easy recharging. Built-in lithium-ion battery provides 7 hours of uninterrupted play.-1/2″-14 NPT connection. Includes: USB cable is included. If Lights are what you need the Shower Speakers display fancy colored lights to go with your shower.

My buddy leaves his Shower Speaker on his patio right on top of the bar another one farther down in the yard at his hot tub and leaves them out all summer. With the new Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you connect all the waterproof Bluetooth speakers together. So the shower speaker is playing his favorite tunes at the hot tub and on the bar at the patio.

The sound of these little inexpensive speakers is crazy good a lot better than the old days lugging the big box Hi-Fi speakers out to the back yard and worrying about the rain. My wife and I use our Bluetooth Shower Speaker outside too, they are the best sound system for the pool we ever had.

The most important consideration before buying a Waterproof Shower Speaker would be to look at construction and material they’re made from. The ABS+PVC+TPU material is engineered to float and can lay all day in the bathtub or the pool. They call it unsinkable construction. The Sangean Shower Speaker has this construction. It is Marine grade. It also comes with the loops and a bracket to attach or hang it in your shower. NOAA Public Alert Certified System for Emergency weather which is a cool add on around water.

The next would be the Range of Bluetooth connection. This capability lets you link all your speakers and devices together in the different areas you are interested in like your pool and your shower.
4.0 Bluetooth Technology-the newest and the best -just don’t ask me to explain it.
Total Watt and DB range-They all sound good-but even for under 100 dollars. You can get a little picky-
I did-I picked mine.

The Orange Guy The MQHY Speaker New Paragraph Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Bathroom Shower Wireless Subwoofer
Outdoor Cycling Military Bluetooth Speakerphone USB Mobile Power Audio 8 Hours Duration 3D Surround, Orange. Here Is Why.

10 Watts- (all the rest had 5)-USB – (The rest didn’t mention it) 2 Speakers (all the rest had 1) They were all around the same price and all under 100 dollars. The Sangean had military grade construction. The Bigwave had power and a suction cup attachment to the shower wall which I thought it was a cool idea. Attaching itself to some unlikely places. The sound is powerful and cuts through outside noise. Great for pools and barbecue areas where the company is lively.

The Jenson JCR25 AM/FM Stereo Shower Radio 

The shower speaker and radio hangs on the shower head with no problems only great sounding music that will rock your shower time.
The radio does not come with an AC adapter and reviews are mixed on customer’s rating. The sound quality is rated well. The unit has CD capability. It includes an automatic shut down after CD is finished. The AM/FM stations come in with great reception. It’s for free for shaving in the mirror after a shower. There is built-in backlight that can light up a room. Great overall customer review a great Shower Radio for someone who likes to spend time in the bathroom. The only negative I am hearing is the battery life us short.

Customers report if you leave the backlight off the unit will stay juiced for a longer time period. Most people agree the Jenson Shower Radio is worth the money. Sound quality is 3 out of 5 for this moderately priced radio. The Jenson JCR25 has a sound quality that is comparable to Sony Shower Radio. Comes with a slim type rope hanger.

The Bigwave portable Wireless Shower Speaker is designed for Indoor and Outdoor use. The IPX6 is a full feature ergonomic human engineering design with a detachable reinforced suction cup. HD Loudspeaker with a splash-proof surface for increased mobility and usability for multiple uses at the Beach at the Office in the Yard or in the Shower. It has multiple Connectivity Options:

The waterproof speaker can be connected to your device by Auxiliary or Bluetooth
Long Battery and Microphone Use. Up to 10 hours of music time or Talk Time
Universal Compatibility-compatible to almost all Bluetooth devices. smartphone iPhone, iPad Samsung S7 / S6, Kindle, Mac, Macbook, Tablet, play audio from laptops, PCs via wireless Bluetooth, and non-Bluetooth devices using included 3.5mm audio cable/AUX-IN jack You can share the Shower Speaker with the Backyard Pool Speaker using the Bluetooth 4.0 Technology. Great Outdoor Sports Biking or Fishing
Comes in 3 Colors and 5 Watt Power

Come with extreme weather resistant Rating IPX6 Waterproofing Certified floatable Radio. No Kid Toy. Comes equipped with a 3.5 mm auxiliary input that helps your device to connect effortlessly. Easy to pair with most other Bluetooth devices. In addition, it’s a good gift idea for your loved ones, due to its wireless Bluetooth connectivity and exclusive design! The exterior of the Bigwave portable Shower Speaker is made of tough rubber and plastic that can absorb tough environments for the sportsman. The come home to use with a nice hot shower to keep your day in touch with all your favorite tunes.

If your an outdoor person who enjoys activities like fishing and barbecuing out on the patio or down on the lake. If you love HD music that really sounds good not only in the shower but anywhere you want to hear it. Get a couple of these for the house and the yard you won’t regret it. Put one down the lake with the boat or with your fishing tackle thats where mine is. They are awesome!


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