Is Alkaline Water Really Better for You

The idea of a high Alkaline bubbly effervescent refreshing pure high pH water running off the side of a mountain from melting glaciers in a pristine setting somewhere up high in the Alps of Switzerland seems so healthy, it must cure what ails your body. The new health claims are talking about Alkaline H2O. Is Alkaline water really better for you?

The health claims are many but, Some doctors say good water is naturally alkaline-containing minerals. Bottled water and dispensers use electricity to make alkaline water that drives it up too far altering your body’s chemistry and preventing naturally needed acidity from killing microbes inside your body.

Most Doctors who study the new health phenomenon, say there is no evidence of the very recent discovery of how important Alkalinity is in your daily drinking water can be better than other types of water.


In the last 35 years or so people discovered that tap water wasn’t as healthy as it should be. This became a popular subject with the health and exercise craze that added words to the average person’s vocabulary like Dissolved Solids, Antioxidant Potential, Fluoride, and recently Alkalinity. The new Dispenser Water Filtration these days has functions that make claims about curing acne to cancer.

These problems that obsessed the nutritionists and health addicts led from ones that were real and pretty easy to understand to more well, complicated problems and solutions that may confuse the average consumer who just wants to keep his kids safe.

Water Scarcity and bad drinking water are real problems that the world is facing and will be facing for a long time to come. It’s no longer a secret.

When the water crises were being revealed back in the late 1980s and early 90s people became aware of the condition of the Country’s Infrastructure and Drinking water that was dependent on this failing Infrastructure that delivered it.

Problems that were in the news like bacteria and heavy metals were the signs of pollution from rivers and streams where the drinking water came from.

When the water ran through it, it cleaned drinking water from Municipal authorities reducing any questions of Lead contamination which was discovered to be linked with Mental illness in children, and a few other contaminants like bacteria that were linked to other illnesses.

This was the basic, the same Activated Carbon filter that is being used today when you buy a Water Filtration for your home. It is based on the same design and principles that were developed by this engineer who based it on the Military’s design 20 years before that.

The prototype of the Home Water Filter. These products have led us now to the new age of water filter technology that ensures the highest quality of water that can be attained and purchased anywhere including online at IONtech IT-588 Luxury Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine 7 pH Water Levels Japan Made Platinum Titanium Electrolysis Plates USA Made NSF Certified Activated Carbon Filter PH Test Included

Buying Water Vs Filtering


With the ongoing health of America came products like Bottled Water and Home Filtering for your tap. People became pretty conscientious about what they were drinking. Point of Use water filters use Activated Carbon or Carbon Block, microfilters, and ceramic filters to clean what Water Distributors’ pipes and aging infrastructure left behind.

People were pretty concerned sometimes with a fault, what was bad for them, and what was causing their illnesses that could finally be explained. It was similar when the sports watches came out with heart and pulse readouts for joggers and cyclists.

People were running into each other in the park trying to monitor their blood pressure. I finally threw mine out after I talked with my Doctor and discovered some sports watches don’t work as well as others. Water unlike other products should be monitored more stringently 

In all seriousness, important discoveries and products have emerged because of the technology that comes in this time frame. Consumers have a right to know about what they are drinking in their water and who is responsible for it.

Having been in the Water Treatment business for a while there is a huge benefit to filtering water at the Point of Use which is your faucet. It’s not your supplier it’s the road to your faucet.

This is because a lot of things can happen from an aging infrastructure that delivers water and the numerous unmonitored Wells around the Country that are being filled with polluted groundwater.  People need to educate themselves for their family’s sake. You are the last defense against something everyone takes for granted.

The only problem that comes from this is the people who want to profit and don’t have the knowledge or the care to try and learn about the products they sell. Who monitors Bottled Water? Who tests Drinking Water? The idea of selling a Water Filtration unit is a needed one.

Just look around the Country at the problems that are developing like Flint Michigan. It all means that you need to look after your own family and the Community’s welfare. You can’t trust anybody’s opinion like mine for instance.

The majority of Home Filtration products work great and do what they say they do. There is a big problem with groundwater pollution and water scarcity on the planet. Bacteria in Wells and Primary Drinking Water are prevalent and are removed by Activated Carbon. Other Contaminants like Heavy Metals are also prevalent in Drinking Water and most of these chemicals and toxins are removed by Activated Carbon and Microfilters.

These products are used in Home Filtration and all work well some better than others. Scientists and doctors all agree that Chlorine and some Contaminants that find their way into our Wells and Municipal Drinking water have a lasting negative effect on your body and they would know this. They are in the business to know this and tell us all about it so we can make a decision about how we use it.


Is Alkaline Water Healthy


Researchers for companies that make Ionizers and Bottled Water have made claims in favor of Alkalinity that sound logical and need some more looking into. Some of them are:

  1. Researchers showed that drinking Ionized water improves Hydration. and hydrates your body better than plain water can.
  2. Detoxification Alkaline Ionizers can detox and cleanse the body. Ionized water will clean out toxins in your Kidneys. It will increase anti-oxidants that will clean out your liver along with your colon.
  3. Balance your body This research has shown that raising the PH of a person’s urine by just one digit can help or even eliminate the symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome. Such as Obesity and High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol High Sugar, and Kidney Stones. A recent clinical study showed that Alkaline Ionized water can fight harmful metabolic Acidosis by raising blood pH by 40 to 70 Percent within the normal blood pH range.
  4. Weight Loss– Hydration allows the person to have better workouts so the person is able to burn more calories. Research showed that people who recently started drinking Alkaline water losses and an average of 12 lbs. in as little as 2 months. The only change they made was drinking Alkaline water.
  5. Anti-aging-Alkaline water can triple the anti-oxidant strength of vitamin C and alone it acts to counteract harmful reactive oxygen species which can damage DNA and human tissues. Combined Alkaline water and Vitamin C work effectively to neutralize the harmful Free Radicals.


  1. Heart Health and Blood Pressure-Alkaline Ionized water has been shown to reduce Blood Pressure and Cholesterol in people with Mineral Deficiencies.
  2. Liver Health-Alkaline water has been shown to reduce Oxidative Stress in the body that will eventually affect the person’s Liver. Alkaline water has also been shown to increase the level of an antioxidant that protects the Liver.
  3. Bone Health Research has shown that there is a close link between Alkaline water and Bone Health. This is because when your body’s PH becomes Acidic, your body will adjust it by stealing Calcium from your Bones.
  4. Digestive Health– Research suggests that Alkaline water reduces the symptoms of Colitis, Loose Bowls, and Constipation.
  5. Sports Performance You are more hydrated you’ll have greater Insurance, Faster Recovery, and more Energy.

The Pros of Alkalinity and Ionized water is substantial but inconclusive. There is no doubt that Water Filtration is a game-changer that is proven to deliver on what it claims are. The list of Contaminants that EPA regulates and the Parameters and limits are compared to each filter.

There are studies and testing on each one, so it’s cut and dry and there’s no suggestion of what Water Filters do and don’t do.  If what the researchers are saying about Alkalinity is true it could be a wonderful development. But the jury may still be out.


Importance of Alkalinity in Water Treatment


They have reported that there are no proven findings as of yet that Alkalinity can be healthy or is healthier if added to drinking water. Where this concept comes from who knows but when marketers try and sell something and need to make it better they need to find something that gives their product an advantage over the next one. Coming from the water business I can tell you that Alkalinity is important in water chemistry.

In Wastewater treatment, it is needed to stabilize raw water for disinfection just as in your backyard swimming pool. On your pool kit tester, you will see that it’s a critical part of the maintenance of the water chemistry and overall health. The PH in water is dependent on Alkalinity as a buffer. The more Alkalinity exists in the water the less likely the PH will drop and change. This is a condition needed in water chemistry.

The difference is that no source of an organism including fish takes a sudden increase or a sudden decrease in PH. The human body likes the 7.0 PH rule just like your swimming pool. Because 7.0 is considered neutral PH and life-sustaining. Water can change up to or down during a natural occurrence as in Aquariums with Ammonia developing in Nitrification. everything is healthier at a neutral PH. Drinking water like most process water likes to add a little more buffer so they will add some Alkalinity to the mix to keep the PH normal and from changing.

Some Good wholesome foods that are nutritious have been said to be Alkaline foods. Eating Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and Collard Greens are recommended. Eggplant peas all kinds of green veggies that are known to be good for you are also said to be Alkaline. Seeds and nuts like almonds are Alkaline foods. Wouldn’t you know it candy sugar and bread are listed as Acidic?

The one food I found that made some sense this that Coffee and Soda are Acidic foods. Meats are on the Acidic side and what kind of surprised me was Honey was listed as an Acidic food. I was told that Honey was one of the most perfect foods in the world. This list was from the Internet.

New products are being born every day that hold the bragging rights for who has the highest PH in the Bottled Water Industry. Because of the complete treatment of Reverse Osmosis and Distillation, the thought was to find a way to replace those minerals and Alkalinity with the finished water product. Alkalinity became just as important as removing contaminants.

So lower-end Water filters that don’t remove minerals or lower the Ph of drinking water found ways to add PH and Alkalinity jumping on this bandwagon that High PH is the way to go. I admit when I heard of the benefits of Alkalinity I thought it was awesome too. It made sense to me.

I think that today’s Water filters have made strives to find ways to ensure safe water all over the world. Especially in a place that really needs it. Portable filters that can use raw river water no matter how disgusting it is.

Carbonate Alkalinity


Alkalinity is not a chemical in water, but, rather, it is a property of water that is dependent on the presence of certain chemicals in the water, such as bicarbonates, carbonates, and hydroxides. A definition of alkalinity would then be “the buffering capacity of a water body; a measure of the ability of the water body to neutralize acids and bases and thus maintain a fairly stable pH level”.

In more simple terms, water with high alkalinity will experience less of a change in its own acidity, for instance, when acidic water, such as acid rain or an acid spill, is introduced into the water body

Alkalinity comes from formations of rocks like Limestone and minerals that are in proximity to the body of water. If the landscape is in an area containing rocks such as limestone then the runoff picks up chemicals such as calcium carbonate (CaCO3), which raises the pH and alkalinity of the water.

During the process of Home Filtration specifically, Reverse Osmosis contaminants are stripped from the water through the use of micro-filters and a membrane along with minerals that some believe need to be addressed. Even though the RO process is a remarkable process and has made it possible for Drought victims in Countries like Israel and India along with places in the US to make encouraging developments in Desalinization projects for people with access to the sea in arid regions of the earth.

Reverse Osmosis will make it possible for people to live where growing food and supplying safe clean drinking water is a reality.  Distillers and Dispensers that are common in the world of Countertop Water Filters also remove the minerals found normally in drinking water. They use a process called Remineralization which adds the minerals that are stripped away during the filtration process.

The World Health Organization offered some input as far back as 2011 that adding Alkalinity to Bottled water has no positive effect on the health of the consumer. They added that a Neutral PH is what is desired for the proper disinfection of drinking water. Doctors from a place like the Mayo Clinic said in a nice way that they don’t see it more evidence is needed.


How Do Water Ionizers Work


  • The water runs across charged plates inside the Ionizer which are separated by a special membrane
  •  That membrane allows energetically charged atoms and molecules called ions to pass through.
  • It doesn’t allow energetically neutral atoms and molecules to pass through.
  • Water molecules are energetically neutral so they don’t pass through the membrane.
  • The alkaline mineral ions in water and the carbonate ions in water both have energetic charges, so they’re allowed to pass through. This separates the alkaline minerals from the acidic carbonate.

The alkaline minerals in water have a positive energetic charge – that makes them positively charged ions. Likewise, the acidic carbonate in water has a negative electrical charge, which makes them negatively charged ions.

The electromagnetically charged plates in a water ionizer separate those ions. The positively charged alkaline mineral ions are attracted to the negative plates. The acidic carbonate is attracted to the positively charged plates. The ion-permeable membrane allows both the positively charged alkaline mineral ions, and the negatively charged carbonate ions to pass through it, which then separates these ions into two chambers.

Once these two flows are separated you then have a supply of Alkaline water and Acidic Water. The alkaline water in a water ionizer gains a negative energetic charge, which is called Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Some of these Ionizers come with an electronic instrument to measure the strength of ORP. These filters use up to 800 watts of power to be able to operate sufficiently.


Is Drinking Too Much Alkaline Water Bad For You


Some alkalinity is present in most water supplies and products for pools, spas, and aquariums and is also present in Natural water systems like streams and rivers It doesn’t present a problem by itself, that I’m aware of.

As am have expertise in water, I know that having a neutral pH of 7.0 or slightly higher is good for chemical and Biological processes to work together. There are adverse effects that happen at low and high pH.

The only reason to adjust the alkalinity of water is when you want to stabilize the pH levels. This is so it resists the fluctuation that changes the water’s chemistry. This again is true in all kinds of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

High pH and low PH can cause corrosion in piping and pool equipment. Alkalinity should be addressed to maintain plumbing and prevent premature equipment failure. High Ph and Low Ph are always corrected in order to have a Neutral PH as the target and that is true, especially in my experience.

The only ones who can say whether Alkalinity is dangerous are the medical Doctors and Scientists who are educated and able to study it. I do think there is confusion about what the difference is between PH and Alkalinity or Total Alkalinity which is how it is tested & 7.0 is what’s called Neutral PH.

Neutral PH is the target that you would look for in treating water. This is because certain types of chemical reactions happen that will affect the PH. You may have to add Alkalinity in some form like Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking Soda to keep the PH levels from moving.

The rule of thumb when treating water is Total Alkalinity comes first then PH will follow. If this happens PH will fluctuate in small increments and will bounce back. to normal around 7.0

In the world of water Chemistry, Alkalinity keeps Ph intact. So if you get it to the Neural range it doesn’t move dramatically. With PH it’s already there. If the Alkalinity is high then the PH will stay high and could have a negative effect on the water you are stabilizing. You need to stabilize the water and keep it at 7.0 or around that area for Chlorine to properly sanitize the water you are treating and for the chemical reactions to do their thing.

Natural Alkalinity seems to be a healthier thing but PH at 10 or more may not.  Ask a Doctor.

I was always taught that your body reflects what is happening in Nature. We come a long way from the days when your Mom gave you Arm and Hammer Baking Soda to get rid of that sour tummy you got. She probably would have told too, not to use the whole box. Moderation, Moderation!

Just Stay Hydrated!



JimGalloway Author/Editor



Reference: EPA-Total Alkalinity


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