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MyWaterEarth&Sky is a site that deals with Water-related Information, Products, Ideas, News, Politics, and Technology. The news is both good and bad. The importance of Water and our use of it continues to be one of the greatest problems the world faces today and for some time to come. Still, there are numerous exiting products that will be developed in the next decade or so by younger entrepreneurs all around the world that will make once thought of as, impossible problems into practical results and solutions for the earth to see.

Hello My name is Jim Galloway Author/Editor

I’m from Bucks County PA living along Delaware River and have also for a few years, lived on the New Jersey Shore. Both beautiful, rich and for the most part healthy Environmental areas with a lot to offer in Saltwater and Fresh clean Pocono Mountain Water separated by the Salt line that moves slightly back and forth year after year.

Over these years, I have been involved and employed within:

  • Water Treatment (PA Licensed)
  • Tertiary Treatment (PA Licensed CLASS A the highest capacity)
  • Industrial Treatment (PA CLASS A Licensed)
  • Biological & Chemical Applications (PA CLASS A License)
  • State Certified Laboratories and Standard Procedures ( EPA-PA and NJ Licensed)
  • Engineering Technician-(performed numerous Studies with Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority 1989-2002)
  • Utilities-Infrastructure-Distribution Networks -Involved in all three disciplines in Bucks County PA for a company called TOFA from 1974-1989
  • Ongoing OSHA Safety Certification with Safety Instruments Calibration for entry into Confined Spaces and Standardization Lab Electronic Equipment(Philadelphia PA)
  • Training and Certifying Classes as an Instructor- TOFA in PA 1974-1989
  • In the mid-1980s, I started a Company called Galloway Bros. We sold Water Filtration Units (Carbon Block coated with Silver) that were developed by engineers from within the American Water Works Industry in Phoenix, Arizona. The design is the same or very close to the same design that is used today on most Counter-top and Under-Sink models.
  • Worked in the Pool & Spa Industry on and off in 1990’s-repairing, troubleshooting and winterizing private and community pools.
  • I was a Consulting Operator for a company called KEI-PPC LLC  from 1995-2002. Managed all facets of Industrial Pre-treatment-Tower Stacks-Water Treatment and Distribution-along with the Wastewater Treatment for our Client US Steel in PA on the Delaware River. I retired in 2002.

I am presently semi-retired and mostly write content on Worldwide Water Topics like Water Scarcity, Solutions for Pollution along with new up & coming Water Technologies.

I’m a member of  a few Worldwide Water Organizations – International Water Association (IWA) with local organizations such as Delaware Riverkeeper Network- Water Environmental Federation-Eastern PA Water Pollution Operators Association- Water Is Life The India Water Portal


I have held numerous Certifications and Professional Licences in the Industries and ongoing College level Educational Credits within the Industry.  Some Include:

  • Rutgers University in New Jersey numerous classes for (State Certification) for Parameter and  Discharge Testing (NPDES)
  • Buck County Comm College in PA (Biology & Earth Sciences)
  • Delaware County Community College in PA
  • American Digital Systems (ADS) in Huntsville Alabama 1990’s trained for Infrastructure(Water & Sewer Lines) Engineering Studies including Velocity-D.O.F. & Doppler Systems via Phone Lines to Main Frame-Identifying In-filtration and Ex-filtration for helping smaller Utility Companies save expenses.
  • Numerous Field of ongoing Studies throughout 30 years of  employment in NJ & PA
  • Emergency Management Institute-(Numerous Classes Philadelphia PA)
  • COOP Emergency Management (All Classes)
  • Small Water Systems-PA Community Affairs(Numerous Classes)

Some of the many Licenses and Certifications that I’ve earned over the years. Most of them went through Hurricane Sandy in 2012 but I managed to hold onto a few of them.


Besides my work education and background in different Water treatment disciplines, I am an avid outdoors man and love to play and fish on Saltwater and Freshwater especially Surf Fishing on the Jersey Shore for Striper Bass. The Large-Mouth Bass on the Delaware.  I am an In-ground Pool and Boat Owner.

I’m a Survivalist searching for the best of Water Purification for the Home and Portable Outdoor Filters, Rainwater collection, and Hydroponics systems. I love anything that has to do with Pure Clean Water. New Technology for our future and advancements in the cause of the earth’s environment. Cause Water-Its all we Have and all we ever Will 

On a Personal Note:

I have 5 children and have been married for 37 years to my wife Sookie who is a passionate & talented Professional Florist and Gardner.

   I have been a  Musician & Songwriter for many years starting back in the ’70s playing Drums and Acoustic Guitar in and around the Jersey Shore and South Philadelphia along the famous South Street. I have music published on Music Row in Nashville TN and one of my dreams still is to write a popular song. I’m that skinny kid in the picture circa 1978.

I think water is in my veins. I have made a living all my life taking care of water and it was a flood in 2012 that destroyed my home and all our possessions.

We are Hurricane Sandy Survivors, My wife and I lost almost everything but our faith. Thanx to her we kept moving forward. I have seen first hand what Global Warming is capable of doing. Coastal populations should be concern and take practical approaches for the future by planning on future storms.

I’m also a Pisces and strangely enough, I developed a non-life threatening disease a few years back called Hydrocephalus which doesn’t affect me but there’s a shunt in the front of my head that pumps H2O  back into my body. I say it looks funny.  My grand-kids say it kinda helps me swim better. I agree!


Jim Galloway   

Author/Editor of MyWaterEarth&Sky