How Much Bromine Do You Put in a Hot Tub

Bromine, a cousin to chlorine is a reliable and choice chemical that is the perfect solution for keeping your hot tub water crystal clear, and free of any bacteria, and contaminants that when used properly can be the best choice for Hot Tub owners. How Much Bromine Do You Put in a Hot Tub?

Hot Tub bromine levels should always be between 3-5 ppm (parts per million). How frequently you need to add bromine will depend on your usage & bathing habits. It could be daily, every two to three days, or weekly for 3mg/l add 12g per 1500 liters. Usually double the amount compared to Chlorine use.

A sanitizer deactivates and kills pathogens, kills bacteria, and renders viruses harmless. An oxidizer breaks down organic waste products, like ammonia, into their components. Bromine is, like chlorine, both a sanitizer and an oxidizer.


How Much Bromine Do You Put in a Hot Tub


Your hot tub bromine level should always be between 3-5 ppm (parts per million). How frequently you need to add bromine will depend on your usage and bathing habits. It could be daily, every two to three days, or weekly. For 3mg/l add 12g per 1500 litres of water. You use double the of Bromine than Chlorine in a Hot Tub.

To use bromine in a hot tub, you need to add bromine tablets or granules to the water, either directly or through a dispenser or a floater. You also need to shock the water with bromine granules when you fill the hot tub for the initial first time or after a water change of the hot tub.

One rule that is very important for the use of Bromine in Hot Tubs, is you should not mix bromine together with chlorine sanitizer, but you can use chlorine shock with bromine sanitizer. You can get in the hot tub right away after adding bromine tablets, but you should wait at least 30 minutes after adding bromine powder or liquid.

Pool stores sometimes recommend bromine tablets for large home pools when there is a spa connected but for stand-alone spas, bromine is simply too concentrated. Bromine is designed to be used for cold spas, not heated spas. With heat, the bromine chemicals can react and cause harm to both you and your spa.

How much bromine do I need for a 400-gallon hot tub? Spas using Brominating Concentrate should maintain 3 – 6 ppm total bromine residual. When starting with a fresh fill, add 2 tsp. per 400 gallons with the pump running.

Shocking your Hot Tub


To shock your hot tub, the easiest thing to do is usually to just add a “shock” dose of the same chlorine granules you use to sanitize your spa (the SpaGuard ones I linked above are a sanitizer and an oxidizer in one).

This should be done at least weekly, or more often depending on how much your tub is used. Remember, just like regular chlorine use, the number of bathers in your hot tub will help to determine the right frequency.



How to Raise Bromine Level in Pool?

  • Shock the pool if the bromine level falls below 2.0 ppm
  • Increase the dial setting on Brominators
  • Add pucks to floaters
  • Open bleeders on pool floaters
  • Increase the number of pucks in skimmers
  • Lengthen the pool’s pump run time
  • Keep chemical water balance in check..………………………………………………….. Read more

Bromine Hot Tub Danger


Bromine tablets shouldn’t be used in your spa. When you have too high a concentration of bromine in your spa, your sanitizer will begin to eat away more than just bacteria.
When heat mixes with bromine, not only can you damage your spa components such as heaters and jets, but you can also cause damage to yourself and anyone else in your spa.

The use of bromine in your spa could possibly result in skin irritation such as rashes and eczema, and eye pain. The price of a clean spa is not worth the chemical soup that you will be soaking in.

If you have been exposed to bromine tablets over a long period of time, it can also be responsible for more long-term health conditions. Your skin is porous and absorbent. Imagine what harm you could do by soaking in your spa long-term.

Bromine has been linked to irregular amounts of iodine in people and this can lead to conditions such as hypothyroidism and an overload of chemicals in your nervous system. In severe cases of high levels of bromine exposure, can result in reduced appetite, abdominal cramps, and fatigue.


What are the Differences Between Bromide Vs Chlorine in a Pool?

  • Chlorine(Cl) works faster to kill contaminants but for a shorter period of time, as it dissipates faster.
  • Bromine(Br) a more stable chemical kills contaminants more slowly but for a longer period of time & can help keep H2O chemistry more balance …………………………. Read more


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