Camping Scrambled Eggs

I love scrambled eggs not only for breakfast but anytime during the day especially camping and have acquired a taste for them after learning the secret to a simple recipe given to me by a little old lady from Killarney, Ireland who taught me that less and simple were the best ingredients along with a few secret weapons. How do you make perfect scrambled eggs?

  • Crack 3 eggs into a bowl
  • Whisk in 1/8 cup of water per egg
  • Whisk 1/8 cup of milk per egg
  • Add Salt-Black Pepper
  • Add Celery Seed Seasoning
  • Warm your pan on medium-low heat, & grease the pan with butter
  • Use a Rubber spatula to cook low & slow.
  • Remove pan from heat/fire when nearly done
  • Let sit to finish cooking

Whether you cooking on a campfire early in the morning before the fish start biting or at home making breakfast for your wife and kids on the weekend or during the holidays try this simple easy but delicious recipe for scrambled eggs and you won’t be disappointed.


Best Scrambled Eggs Recipe


Perfect Scrambled Eggs uses only a small amount of water and milk in the recipe. You need to, and this is important to whisk to mix the ingredients every time you add one to make sure that they are mixed properly. This keeps the eggs fluffy and airy.

Then use a rubber spatula to move them gently in the pan.  Don’t kill the black pepper and salt but use them to taste along with the celery seeds.  There are different types make sure not to use celery powder only celery seeds. Again the Irish woman told me don’t kill the ingredients, using the right mixture of simple ingredients will allow for better-tasting eggs.

  • Crack 3 eggs into a bowl
  • Whisk in 1/8 cup of water per egg
  • Whisk 1/8 cup of milk per egg
  • Add Salt-Black Pepper
  • Add the (secret ingredient) Celery Seed Seasoning
  • Warm your skillet on medium-low heat, grease that pan with a pat of butter, and cook low and slow. 
  • Remove the skillet from heat when nearly done 
  • Let sit to Finish cooking


Use Milk & Water


The basic idea here is to uncomplicate your scrambled eggs so that you can make them the same way all the time. I use this ingredient after I met an Irish woman from Killarney who work at a  private school in Bucks County PA. where I took a part-time position on the night shift. RV Meals | Camping Breakfast Scramble - The Spicy Apron

She would come in around 4-30 am and start breakfast in the cafeteria for the 200-300 people on campus that would start arriving a few hours later. Her scrambled eggs were the best I ever tasted and were always a perfect consistency. They were never dry or rubbery and always had a flavor that was delicious. You could say they were always perfect! So one day I went in and asked her how she did it.

She told me simple and less was always best. Never use too much milk she said that milk killed the taste of scrambled eggs. She said to use only enough to keep the eggs creamy and water to steam the eggs giving them moisture.

Where she came from in Ireland less was really best. Only add a pinch of black pepper and salt and the secret weapon that I now pass on to other people Celery Seed Seasoning that really is simple and delicious.

I pre-mix this recipe for scrambled eggs in zip-lock bags and throw them in the cooler for camping trips and get rave reviews from the guys I hunt and fish with. They ask me how I learned to cook like this and I tell them about the little old Irish lady that gave me the secret recipe.


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