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During the dog days of summer, the less you have to do the better, even for a pool owner,  so it makes sense to stay on top of everything mechanically and chemically and do simple things that can pay off, one of them is keeping the appropriate pool skimmer levels in your pool. Where is the best pool skimmer water level?

Use a visual reference point- 1/3 to 1/2  way up the inside pool wall next to the skimmer
Adding this to your regular maintenance program will keep air from being pulled into the system & ensure enough space is left between the surface of the H2O inside the skimmer to clean the surface of the pool.

When you inspect your swimming pool before you test, skim, or add chemicals listen, and look for anything abnormal that is unusual if you know your pool the way you should you may be able to thwart any problems that could be developing.

How High Should The Water Level be in a Pool


Why Your Pool's Water Level Matters—And How to Maintain It – PoolPartsToGoIn the heat of the summer when evaporation and pool usage is at their highest it’s a good practice to keep an eye on your water level no matter what kind of pool you have.  Both In-ground and above-ground pools need to stay at an appropriate level so that there is no interruption with the pool filtering or skimming the surface that can build up fast.

Most good pool pump motors have a safety switch that will heat up when the system loses its prime. It will shut the pump down if the level gets too low and the air becomes locked up inside the suction system but even though that switch works.

This may or may not work it’s been my experience of over 30 years operating pools like my inground and the easiest way to prevent the situation from happening use a point on the skimmer inside the pool that is easy to reference.



Here is a great video that explains what happens when water levels are too high and water levels get too low in your pool. If you own a swimming pool then you’ve most likely seen Cavitation happen. It’s when a pool pump loses its prime and starts to slurp air mixed with pool water creating a formation and accumulation of bubbles around a pool pump’s circular impeller.

By preventing air cavitation on your pool’s pump, you will significantly increase the efficiency and lifespan of your pump. Prevention is worth it so take the time to carry out a water level inspection by adding it to your maintenance program and it will save you in the long run.



Have a great summer!


Testing Pool Water

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