If you’re looking for signs of a sinkhole below a building, the University of Florida recommends

  1. Being aware of structural cracks in walls and floors, cloudy well water and doors and windows that won’t close properly.
  2. On the ground, there are likely to be more signs, including wilting or dying vegetation, previously buried things — like fence posts, roots or structural foundations — becoming visible, the formation of new and small ponds and slumping trees and fences.
  3. Should a sinkhole occur near you, the Southwest Florida Water Management District recommends evacuating the premises and then notifying your insurance agency and the city.


All histories of Sinkholes should be listed on any properties up for sale in any state and there are Engineers that are trained to test ground for loose soil in areas where some properties are at risk. If you are buying property in areas where there is a history of Sinkholes you can have the ground around your house inspected by a qualified Engineer that can certify it for personal and insurance purposes.