What is Seltzer Water

When it comes to carbonated beverages, Seltzer has been on a comeback and is fast becoming a popular carbonated drink. It’s preferred over soda and other beverages because of its healthy,  pure, clean crisp refreshing appeal.  What is Seltzer Water?

Seltzer Water (Soda water) is a carbonated drink that contains dissolved CO2 originally found naturally in a spring in Seltzer Germany then mass-produced after the discovery of how to replicate the process of forcing carbon dioxide into H2O creating a bubbly beverage was developed & mass-produced.


Seltzers water also known as soda water comes from a natural mineral spring located in a small town in Germany called Selzters, Germany discovered around the year 1000. Since then, natural springs were was considered medicinal for bathing and drinking. Soon towns, like Seltzer and other towns with springs started to bottle and sell them. Seltzer water has become the most notable. Identical cousin beverages are all made by the processes that use CO2 dissolved into the liquid that gives it its distinguished appeal with some additions.

What is Seltzer Water


Seltzer water is a carbonated drink that contains dissolved carbon dioxide. The solution of CO2 in the liquid gives rise to effervescence or the fizz in the drink. The process involves the use of carbon dioxide under the pressure. When the pressure is removed the carbon dioxide is released from the solution as small bubbles which causes the solution to become effervescent and create the fizzing associated with it.

Basically, it is the carbon dioxide in H2O that results in Carbonated Water. At first, this was a natural process that developed in mineral springs throughout Germany. By the 1700s Joseph Priestly who was a British Philosopher and Scientist, found a way to make this natural mineral process.

He forces the CO2 into the water and calls it “Impregnating the Water” It works and soon a Swiss Watchmaker named Schweppe finds a way to distribute the popular CO2 water in the 1800s throughout Europe and America called Seltzer water. It was even delivered to your home in the early 1900s

The Carbon Dioxide is not very soluble in the water so it separates very quickly into a gas when the pressure is removed. Soon other Carbonated beverages are created by mixing the flavored syrup with carbonated water. Identical cousin beverages are all made by the processes that use CO2 dissolved into the liquid that gives it its distinguished appeal with some additions.

Hard Seltzer

Seltzer Water contains around 5 volumes of CO2 per liquid volume. Ginger Ale, Root Beer, cola, and others are normally carbonated with around 3.5 part volumes others are carbonated less. Some Seltzer contains alcohol and fruit flavors called Hard Seltzer. These drinks are refreshing, low-calorie, and extremely popular.




There are a few similar carbonated water beverages that are close in process and ingredients but they are all evolved from Seltzer water only with added elements that change the taste or chemistry. Seltzer, being the purest CO2 water that all carbonated beverages are derived from.


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Seltzer water vs Club Soda


Club Soda is similar to Seltzer water in that it is carbonated and doesn’t contain calories but it does contain salt or sodium. This adds to the flavor. Water that is infused with carbonation becomes slightly acidic. Adding salt or baking soda will neutralize the water improving the taste and making it taste more as it came from natural spring water with bubbles. It may also contain minerals that are added for the taste. Club Soda is considered a neutral taste and like Seltzer water has 0 calories. 

Club soda will have bicarbonate salt added, to give it finer bubbles, along with a bit of a mineral-y taste. Seltzer water is just pure water that’s been pumped full of bubbles. This is why seltzer is often flavored; otherwise, it would taste kind of bland.

Seltzer vs Tonic Water


Tonic Water is a little different than Seltzer water because of the sugar that is added to it. It tastes more like Sprite than Seltzer or Club Soda. It contains calories and is considered a beverage. Seltzer water is pure and simply carbonated water- Tonic water is a carbonated drink with sugar sweetener added.


Seltzer vs Sparkling Water


Sparkling water is either Spring or Tap water plus CO2. The Sparkling water may contain minerals and normally if they do, they are natural and come right from the source like that. Natural minerals such as Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, or table salt.

The main difference between Seltzer water and Sparkling water comes down to where the source of the carbonation comes from. If the carbonation is artificial, it’s probably seltzer or club soda and regulated like a soda. If the bubbles are naturally occurring, straight from the source, it’s sparkling water.

Perrier or San Pellegrino; both of those are sparkling mineral waters, so the bubbles are smaller and finer and the carbonation is naturally occurring.



There have been many questions about Bottled Water expiration dates that were stamped on the outside of the cases of Bottled Water packaging in the last few years. EPA and the FDA have said that they don’t set standards for Bottled Water. It was kind of easy to jump to conclusions and asked logical questions. Why would you put an expiration date on Bottled Water? Read my article on MyWaterEarth&Sky called How Long is Bottled Water Safe to Drink




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